BlephEx is a brand new in-practice treatment for Blepharitis.

It involves cleaning of the eyelid margins to remove bacteria and debris which can build up on the eyelashes in Blepharitis.

This is a more effective way of cleaning the lids than using lid scrubs alone,  as the instrument is designed to quickly and effectively remove lash build up which in turn helps to reduce the eyelid inflammation associated with Blepharitis.

It is a useful aid in managing Blepharitis as the treatment acts almost like an ‘deep clean’ of the lids, which can be repeated as necessary, for example every 4-6 months.

It is also useful for cleaning the lids from the mite Demodex. Demodex is a mite which lives in the eyelash roots of many elderly people. It causes Blepharitis and irritated eyelids. BlephEx treatment is an excellent way of clearing the lids of these Demodex mites.

An appointment for a BlephEx treatment costs £51.00

Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment for a BlephEx treatment.